Brazilian nuts testosterone boost

Brazilian nuts have boosted testosterone levels in Spain after being placed in a fish tank to test for their testosterone levels.

The testosterone boost came from the fish that was placed in the tank with the men’s testosterone levels tested.

The test was conducted at the University of the Basque Country.

The fish were male goldfish.

The Brazilian nuts, or pistachios, are rich in fatty acids.

The oil is also used in cosmetics and food, which has led to the rise in testosterone levels among males.

The increase in testosterone was confirmed by the tests, which showed that the testosterone levels of the fish were lower than the normal levels.

The men were then given the steroid, a dose of 1.2 mg/kg body weight in water.

In contrast, the fish had a serum testosterone level of 1,250 ng/ml.

The difference in testosterone level was found to be similar to that between male and female athletes.

The results were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The fish tank in which the men were given the testosterone supplement was placed with the goldfish in the same tank.

The test is a measure of testosterone, and a person’s testosterone level is a measurement of their testosterone production.

The body naturally produces a certain amount of testosterone when they are active, but a person can develop an excess of it.

Tests show that the gold fish had lower levels of testosterone than other fish, while the fish tank had no differences in testosterone.