When a drug that boosts testosterone could lead to a dangerous overdose: A new study

The American College of Physicians recommends against testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for people who are at risk of heart disease and cancer.

The report says that if the drug does not increase testosterone levels to the level needed to treat heart disease or cancer, it could lead people to take an overdose of the drug and cause cardiac arrest.

According to the report, “TRT is not a proven therapy for people with testosterone deficiency.”

The FDA has said TRT is approved for people aged 50 and older and is available for men and women.TRT, also known as TRT-A, is a hormone therapy that increases levels of testosterone in the body.TRTs are often given to treat low testosterone androgen excess and are also used to treat menopause.

They are widely available for treatment of depression, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

The FDA says TRT can help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancers, and can help restore testosterone levels in men with low testosterone levels.

In the new study, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and the University at Buffalo examined the relationship between testosterone levels and the frequency of heart attacks in men.

In this study, the researchers looked at data from a large, nationally representative sample of men aged 50 to 74 who had an incident of coronary heart disease in the past year.

The researchers then asked men whether they had taken testosterone, whether they were taking TRT, and whether they knew their body’s response to testosterone.

The researchers found that men who took testosterone had a significantly lower incidence of heart attack than men who did not take the drug.

However, men who were taking testosterone had significantly higher incidence of cardiovascular events than men taking TRTs.

These findings were particularly surprising because testosterone is often used to improve men’s physical appearance and mood.

However, the report states that TRT also raises testosterone levels for women who are having a hormonal imbalance, as a result of having too much estrogen in their bodies.

TRT may be especially useful for women with estrogen deficiency who are seeking to lose weight, improve their physical appearance, or manage breast cancer.