How testosterone can make you look like a guy

T HE first test was for an allergy to the drug used to inject testosterone into the body.

A couple of years later, I was on my first testosterone injections.

I was told that testosterone is for men.

It’s the male hormone.

When I started taking it, it wasn’t that easy to understand.

It felt like I was taking a steroid, a drug that causes you to be bigger.

And then it was getting worse.

I was using it to look like my dad.

I started getting worried when I couldn’t see the tip of my penis.

I began to feel really uncomfortable.

My erection would become sluggish and stiff.

My hands would feel really heavy and stiff and stiff, and I was worried about my fingers.

I thought I had to go to the doctor.

I went into a private clinic and had a specialist tell me about what it is.

I got the diagnosis that my body was rejecting testosterone, and that testosterone had been making me fat.

A lot of testosterone was being metabolised by my body, through the kidneys.

I couldn, in theory, have this normal testosterone and be able to have normal sex life.

I didn’t know what to do.

It was really hard to get testosterone into my body.

It seemed really dangerous.

I thought about my dad, who was about to die from prostate cancer and had been using testosterone.

He had been taking it for 20 years.

But he died in December 2016, at the age of 87.

I had been doing a lot of testing for prostate cancer.

It wasn’t until I got tested for my second test, that I realised how big the problem was.

I took two more testosterone injections in March 2017.

I had a scan, and it showed a big lump.

I felt sick.

I went to the GP, who diagnosed me with hypogonadism, and the diagnosis was made that my testicles were failing.

It turns out that my testosterone levels were too high.

T HE next test was in April.

The first thing I did was have a prostate biopsy.

The doctors told me that I was not cancer-free.

They took out my testicle, and put a tube down my bladder.

It worked.

The next test is a biopsy on my left breast, the most sensitive part of my body for testosterone.

I wanted to make sure I was getting the best possible testicular growth.

I take testosterone every day.

It works.

My husband and I have done lots of research, and we know that testosterone affects testicular function in men.

And testosterone can be a problem for men with low testosterone.

It can also be a big problem for testosterone-treated prostate cancer patients.

I have no idea why I’m not cancer free.

But I know that I’m going to have a problem.

I can’t do anything about it.

I have a small amount of testosterone left in my body that I can take in doses that are safe.

But when I take it, I’m putting it in a small capsule, which I inject into my arm.

My doctor said that this is a very risky way to get the hormone into my bloodstream.

The second test is done on my right breast.

The second time, I injected a tube in my arm down my arm and into my stomach.

It didn’t work.

It took a while for the testicles to grow.

The third test is to measure the amount of T in my blood.

I don’t know why, but I’m worried that I’ve lost a lot.

I’m very proud of my husband.

We have had three kids, and my husband has always been the one who was there for me.

He’s a great father.

He goes through so much stress, so much grief.

It has been hard for me, and for my partner.

I know we’ve both had problems.

We don’t always talk about it, and he’s been a great support for me as I’ve come to terms with this.

I’ve tried to do everything I can to keep my testosterone in my system, but now I feel that I need to get off the testosterone, because I have this condition.